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“hiiiiii, so a while back i asked you for some film recs and you pointed me to one of your tags where i found tomboy. anyways, i finally watched it today and it kinda made me think and i'm feeling a bit confused and a lot curious right now. tbh i probably would've forgotten about wanting to see it if yesterday i didn't see a girl who went to my elementary school and who had always looked and dressed as a boy, but you could still tell she was a girl. (c)”
-- Anonymous


anyways now i don’t think anyone could tell she’s actually a girl (do i call her she or he i’m so confused) and now i’m so curious about everything and want to ask her a million questions and i don’t even know why i’m telling you all this i just??????? you don’t have to answer, i don’t think you even can cause i’m not making much sense. but i just wanna say thank you for the rec even though it’s kinda made me more confused. have a nice day :3

hiii well i’m glad you enjoyed the film! it’s really good, i do love it so. perhaps because i basically was like that when i was their age idk…

also, just a few tips with regards to the person who you went to school with; i think, if you’re not sure about how they identify in terms of gender, maybe stick with something neutral like they/them pronouns until you’re in a position to ask them, or until they tell you themselves — gender is somewhat akin to sexuality, in that it’s self-determined, and whilst outside appearances can give a clue to someone’s gender, it’s up to the person themselves to express their identity as they see fit, it’s not up to the outside observer to decide it for them. also, if you don’t know the person very well, please don’t start off by leaping in with questions about their identity — i know you’re curious, but their gender is not the sum of their being, and they probably have other stuff to talk about, not to mention it’s not your right to know these things!

that’s not to say you shouldn’t check with them what pronouns they want you to use — say if they’ve changed their name to something that’s usually a guy’s name, then that’s probably a good opportunity to ask them (don’t say “oh you’re a guy now” though — they always have been if that’s the case, just ask them if they’d prefer masculine pronouns!). if it does turn out that they’re trans or non-binary, here are a couple of lists that you might find useful — trans etiquette for non-trans people || ten things not to say to a trans person, but essentially it boils down to just be nice, and don’t say or do anything that would be inappropriate to say or do when speaking to a cis person! xx

“What do you think of the You and I video ?”
-- Anonymous


I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either.

A few months ago I said some not particularly nice things about the Midnight Memories music video and I’m sorry to say it, but I’ve got similar criticisms of You & I.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with the concept itself, in fact, I quite like the reverse stromotion effect at the end where they run towards and then merge with freeze frames of themselves (even if it has nothing at all to do with the song and has been lifted directly from another music video from only about a year ago).

Ben Winston is not a Cinematographer, neither is he a particularly skilled Director. I don’t mean this in a mean spirited way, but I can think of a dozen technical and creative things that could have been tweaked to make this same music video much better, from widening all of the single-shots of the boys, using a camera with a high enough frame rate to make the freeze-frames clearer, right down to the fact that they haven’t stabilised the shot properly in post production and you can distinctly see the frame wobbling from the dolly.

Just like Midnight Memories, this needed a better camera, with better lenses (personally, I would have gone with shooting on a Red Epic or an ARI Alexa with prime lenses) and better colour-grading (you can absolutely still achieve the flat grey colour they were clearly after, without losing any of the crisp details). This video needed to be shot better. It could have been great, but instead it’s just kind of good.

I’m also wondering if there was a creative reason behind the VFXs they’ve employed aside from ‘it looks cool’. The face morph technology is most strongly associated with Michael Jackson’s Black Or White video, where it served a specific narrative purpose. This just kind of seemed like ‘how do we get from one boy to another, without having them all walk down the pier at the same time?' And again, the reverse stromotion looked cool, but what did it have to do with this particular love song?

My biggest hesitation in enjoying this clip is probably lead by the fact that they come across as remarkably blank in it. The boys are not actors and asking them to emote right down the barrel of a camera is asking them to fail awkwardly in close-up. They’re all trying too hard to be pensive and introspective while they’re singing; you can see all of them over-thinking things, even down to their walking pace and none of them looked comfortable right up until the moment they were all together, goofing around at the end.

Another thing that irks me; at the end of the clip, Harry remains in the jumper that all versions of the boys had been wearing, while the others get a costume change. Harry is also the only one not to goof around and to not step/jump into a freeze-frame version of himself. Although the latter was probably just a byproduct of Harry being too unwell to convincingly play around, all of these things have the unfortunate side effect of making it look like he’s the main singer, surrounded by lesser members of the band. I think we can all agree this happens more than enough in the day to day external attention 1D gets, we don’t need it echoed in the content they create themselves.

In a nutshell, like most of Ben’s work with the boys, the You & I video is too self-conscious and heavy-handed. We were worried we were going to get matching outfits and grayscale contemplation on a pier and that’s exactly what we’ve ended up with + some borrowed (and unrelated) VFX thrown in for good measure.

I’ve said it a bunch of times now, I like Ben Winston as a person and as a personal influence on the boys, but I think it’s time for them to part ways creatively. (I also find his tendency to include his own name at the beginning of the clips to be infuriatingly self-congratulatory; Ben Winston, you are not Spike Jonez or Gus Van Sant, cut that shit out, please.)

I’ll be very surprised if this video gets over 15 million views today.

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Nothing can come between You and I


they have socks now lol


they have socks now lol

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Preview of You & I on Daybreak. 😁


yes, harry. we get it. thank you.


yes, harry. we get it. thank you.